Respironics SimplyGo Mini Standard Battery

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✔︎ Delivers Seamless Portable Operation
✔︎ Expedited Battery Replacement
✔︎ Lightweight Design Enables You to Travel with Multiple Batteries
✔︎ 3 Convenient Charging Options

Pulse Flow

Battery Life


Up to 6 Hours


Up to 4.5 Hours


Up to 3 Hours


Up to 2.25 Hours


Up to 2 Hours
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Respironics SimplyGo Mini Standard Battery

Live life on your terms and enjoy things you love most by ensuring you have an adequate amount of battery life for your Respironics SimplyGo Mini portable oxygen concentrator.

The standard 8-cell external battery provides you with limitless portable freedom for a staggering 4.5 hours on a setting of 2.

While also delivering the lightest overall package possible. Unlike pesky oxygen tanks that need to be refilled, you will simply recharge the battery using the AC power supply, DC power supply, or external battery charger.

In up to 4 hours you will have a freshly charged battery that is ready to help you conquer your daily errands.

The COPD Store highly recommends purchasing additional batteries for a myriad of reasons.

Unexpected power outages or other emergencies can occur at any time, having additional charged batteries on hand will ensure you can receive treatment for the extent of the outage.

If you plan on traveling we also recommend purchasing additional batteries, especially if you are flying. The FAA requires all oxygen patients using a portable oxygen concentrator to have at least 150% of flight time in battery life.

Battery Life that Meets Patient Demand

Delivering an incredible battery life of up to 4.5 hours on a pulse setting of 2, the SimplyGo Mini 8-cell battery will continuously provide you with your required dosing of supplemental oxygen.

If you don’t mind a little additional weight in exchange for even longer portable operation, check out the extended 16-cell battery.

Full Battery Specs:

Pulse Flow

Battery Life


Up to 6 Hours


Up to 4.5 Hours


Up to 3 Hours


Up to 2.25 Hours


Up to 2 Hours

Charging Options:

  • AC Power Supply
  • DC Power Supply
  • External Battery Charger

Charging with the AC Power Supply

The standard for recharging your SimplyGo Mini 8-cell battery will be with the AC power supply. Which is capable of charging through any conventional US or Canadian wall outlet.

When using the AC power supply you will still have full access to every setting without disrupting the charging cycle. Beware though, the higher the selected flow setting the longer it will take to fully charge.

How to Charge the Standard Battery Using the AC Power Supply:

  • Attach the AC Power Supply’s Output Cable to the SimplyGo Mini’s Power Input Connector
  • Next, Plug the AC Power Cord’s Connector into the AC Power Supply
  • Plug the AC Power Cord into a Compatible AC Wall Outlet

Charging with the DC Power Supply

If you are out for longer than expected or have an upcoming road trip, the SimplyGo Mini DC power supply will be an accessory you don’t want to forget. Specifically because the DC power supply gives you the capability to power and even recharge your battery in a car, truck, SUV, R.V., boat, bus or train.

Using a cigarette lighter styled outlet the battery can be recharged on settings of 1, 2, or 3 in up to 4 hours. The battery may not charge on settings 4 or 5 but the unit will operate off your vehicle’s battery, preserving battery life for portable use.

How to Charge the Standard Battery Using the DC Power Supply:

  • Start Your Vehicle Before Plugging in the DC Power Supply
  • Make Sure the 8-Cell Battery is Installed
  • Connect One End of the DC Power Cord into the Unit’s Power Inlet
  • Attach the Other End into Your Vehicle’s DC Outlet (Cigarette Lighter)
  • Charging Status can be Verified with the Battery Icon on the Home Screen

Charging with the External Battery Charger

The Respironics SimplyGo Mini external battery charger is an additional cost accessory, but recommends this accessory for patients with multiple batteries.

The external battery charger allows you to charge an additional battery on the side using a conventional US or Canadian power outlet.

An ideal accessory while traveling, as it will allow you to enjoy your vacation and once you return later in the day you will have a fully charged battery ready to go!

How to Charge the Standard 8-Cell Battery Using the External Battery Charger:

  • Plug the External Battery Charger’s Output Cable to the SimplyGo Mini Power Input Connector
  • Attach the AC Power Cord’s Connector into the Charger’s Power Supply
  • Plug the 3 Pronged AC Power Cord into a Nearby Wall Outlet

Monitoring Battery Life

Nothing is more stressful or anxiety provoking than constantly worrying about running out of battery life on the go. Respironics wanted to minimize those worries by offering you two options to check the SimplyGo Mini’s battery life.

The quickest option is to use the touchscreen control panel, but if the battery is not installed you can check the battery gauge installed on each battery.

Checking Battery Status Using the Control Panel:

  • Touch the Battery Symbol on the Control Panel’s Home Screen
  • The Remaining Battery Percentage will Appear on the Screen

Checking Battery Status Using the 8-Cell Battery Gauge:

  • The Battery Must be Uninstalled to do this
  • Look on the Backside of the Battery
  • Press the Black Button to Activate the Battery Gauge

Number of LEDs

Battery Charge

4 LEDs Light

75% to 100% Full

3 LEDs Light

50% to 75% Full

2 LEDs Light

25% to 50% Full

1 LED Lights

10% to 25% Full

1 LED Blinks 3 Times

Battery is Less than 10% Full & Needs to be Recharged

Installing the Standard Battery:

  1. Ensure the Respironics SimplyGo Mini POC is in a Well-Ventilated Area
  2. Make sure the Device is Off
  3. Hold the SimplyGo Mini in One Hand, Use the Other Hand to Insert the Battery Into the Bottom Battery Compartment
  4. You will Hear a “Click” When Successfully Installed

Removing the Standard Battery:

  • Step 1: Never Remove the Battery While the Device is “On”
  • Step 2: Push the Green “Eject” Button on the Center of the Battery Compartment
  • Step 3: The Battery will Smoothly Remove from the SimplyGo Mini

Low Battery Alarm

To protect you from accidentally running out of battery life on the go the SimplyGo Mini features a Low Battery alarm. Respironics knows how hectic life can be causing you to forget to check your battery status before you head out.

The Low Battery alarm will occur when approximately 10 minutes of battery life remains, repeating 1 beep every 16 seconds. Cueing you to either use another battery or connect the machine to a power supply.

To silence the alarm simply press the yellow alarm silence button on the screen.

You may also press the home button resulting in a second screen to appear with a low battery symbol flashing on the screen.

Depleted Battery Alarm

The Depleted Battery alarm will occur when there is approximately 2 minutes of battery life remaining with 1 beep that occurs every 16 seconds.

If more than 90 seconds passes by and you do not connect a new battery or power supply, the SimplyGo Mini will automatically shut off.

You can also silence the Depleted Battery alarm by pressing the yellow alarm silence button, or by pressing the Home button to return to the Home screen, resulting in a second screen to appear with a flashing Depleted Battery symbol.

Proper Methods to Care for Your Standard SimplyGo Mini Battery

  • Never Allow the Battery’s Terminals to Touch, as this will Cause it to Fail
  • Do Not Disassemble or Deform the Battery
  • Do Not Immerse the Battery in Water
  • Do Not Expose, or Dispose of, the Battery in Fire
  • Avoid Excessive Exposure to Physical Shock or Vibration
  • Keep Batteries out of Reach of Children
  • Charge the 8-Cell Battery in Accordance to Respironic’s Instructions
  • Do Not use Modified Battery Chargers

Battery Storage

Ideally you should aim to store your Respironics SimplyGo Mini batteries below 70° F (21° C) in a cool, dry, well-ventilated space free of corrosive vapor or gas.

However batteries are safe to store in an environment that is -4° F (-20° C) up to 140° F (60° C) at up to 80% relative humidity. Exposing the battery(s) to temperatures above 113° F (45° C) can cause the battery’s performance to degrade and reduced battery life.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Options do I have for Charging the Respironics SimplyGo Mini Standard Battery?

You have 3 options to charge the standard 8-cell battery for the SimplyGo Mini. The AC power supply, DC power supply, and the optional external battery charger.

How Long Does the Standard 8-Cell Battery Take to Charge?

No matter which charging method you are using, the standard 8-cell battery can be charged in up to 4 hours.

How much does the Battery Weigh? Will it Weigh Me Down?

Enjoy the lightest available package with the 8-cell battery, weighing a mere 1.1 pounds, the total weight of the unit with the battery installed is 5 pounds.

How Can I Purchase Additional Batteries?

Purchasing extra batteries is quick and easy, just visit

How Long will a Fully Charged 8-Cell Battery Last?

Using the Respironics SimplyGo Mini on a pulse setting of 2 will deliver up to 4.5 hours of oxygen therapy on a single charge.

How do I Check the Battery Status?

You have two options for checking the status of your battery. Either by pressing the battery button on the Home screen or by using the on-board battery gauge on the backside of each SimplyGo Battery.

What are the Dimensions of the Respironics SimplyGo Mini Standard Battery?

7.9” x 3.6” x 1”

Will the 8-Cell Battery Charge on all Settings using the DC Power Supply?

When using the DC power supply, the 8-cell battery will charge on pulse settings 1, 2, or 3. The battery may not charge on settings 4 or 5 but the SimplyGo Mini will instead be powered through your vehicles battery, preserving battery life for portable use.


  • Battery Weight: 1.1 lbs.
  • Dimensions: 7.9” x 3.6” x 1”
  • Battery Duration on Setting 2: Up to 4.5 Hours
  • Charging Options: AC & DC Power Supplies, External Battery Charger
  • Charge Time: Up to 4 Hours


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