Respironics SimplyGo Mini External Battery Charger

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✔︎ Charging Extra Batteries on the Side
✔︎ 12v Power Cord

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Respironics SimplyGo Mini External Battery Charger

Do you have more than one battery that you need to ensure is fully charged for your Respironics SimplyGo Mini portable oxygen concentrator?

Stop having to cumbersomely wait for each battery to individually charge through the use of the AC or DC power supplies, and instead make the upgrade to the time saving Respironics SimplyGo Mini External Battery Charger!

The external battery charger for the SimplyGo Mini is a must-have accessory when you need the ability to charge a second battery on the side while still using your Respironics SimplyGo Mini to provide your prescribed amount of medical grade oxygen.

The Respironics SimplyGo Mini external battery charger is a single-bay charger that provides you with the ability to recharge both the standard and extended SimplyGo Mini batteries without plugging your concentrator into the AC or DC power supplies!

The convenience of the SimplyGo Mini external battery charger by Respironics gives you the ability to accomplish more throughout your day.

It doesn’t matter if you have a busy day planned or you’re just enjoying your everyday life, the SimplyGo Mini external battery charger will make it easier for you to go about your day, while ensuring peace of mind knowing you have a battery charged up at home!

You won’t have to worry about taking unnecessary breaks when you’re being productive, to allow your SimplyGo Mini battery to recharge.

Now you can simply plug in your Respironics SimplyGo Mini external battery charger, put a battery on the charger, and let it sit to charge!

The external battery charger is equipped with a 110v power cord so you can plug it into any wall outlet.

Advantages of the Respironics SimplyGo Mini External Battery Charger

  • Recharges both battery types without plugging in your concentrator
  • Fast & efficient recharge time of 4 hours (standard) or 6 hours (extended)
  • 110v power cord plugs into any wall outlet
  • Only Weighs 2 Pounds

Fast Charging Without Being Tied to a Power Supply

When it comes to recharging your SimplyGo Mini batteries, the external battery charger is the fastest and most efficient option to choose from.

Compared to the AC and DC power supplies, the external charger is not responsible for powering your concentrator at the same time. Resulting in a noticeable difference in how fast your battery will recharge.

The SimplyGo Mini external battery charger doesn’t just allow you to recharge your extra batteries faster, it allows you to run errands, spend the day at the beach, or anything you can think of while your battery recharges!

How Long Does Charging Take with the SimplyGo Mini External Battery Charger?

If you are using the standard Respironics SimplyGo Mini battery, allow 4 hours to full recharge the battery. Alternatively, if you are using the extended battery, you should expect 6 hours to full recharge a depleted battery.


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